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The Inner Cage – How your body can hurt you by trying to protect you.

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It’s a scary idea. That we might have a disease process going on with no symptoms or signs to help us know that there’s a threat. This is the concept that drives the importance of routine physical exams and doctors visits. And certainly some of the diseases that shorten our lives or lead to disabilities can be discovered in their earliest stages in these routine health maintenance visits. But there are some that cannot.

I discussed in my last column the work of Peter A. Levine1.  He is the father of what’s called Somatic Experiencing2. It is his hypothesis that many diseases are […]

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The Hunt – Luke’s Fatigue and Severe Indigestion.

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I love a good Who-Done-It. This attraction to solving mysteries extends beyond my recreational reading. When I was introduced to functional medicine about 10 years ago, my immediate reaction was to ask why they didn’t teach that to me in Medical School!

The core belief of functional medicine is that all our maladies are from breakdowns in one or more of the basic physiological components of our body. Each of these components takes care of a part of what keeps us healthy. Here are the core […]

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10 Important Ways to Change your Diet with Susan DeLaney, ND [Video]

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Based on the work of Dr. Weston A. Price.

Susan DeLaney, ND

About Susan DeLaney:

Dr. Susan DeLaney graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a registered nurse and practiced, for 8 years, in various clinical settings. She then entered the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon, one of the three accredited schools of Naturopathic Medicine in the United States. Dr. DeLaney received her medical degree from the four-year program. She then completed her residency training with a Homeopathic physician in India where homeopathy is a standard medical practice, […]

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Life After Cancer Treatment with Mark Mead MSc [Video]

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Nutritional & botanical strategies for life-long remission maintenance.

Mark Mead, MSc 

About Mark Mead MSc:

Through his work as a health coach and nutrition educator, he has come to recognize the life-giving importance of obtaining nourishment on multiple levels—physical, emotional and spiritual—for optimum health.

“Much of what we call disease may stem from a fundamental disconnect from these diverse sources of nourishment. My primary focus is to help people reclaim their health, heal more effectively, and live more fully.”

Mark Mead 

Part of the Whole Medicine Health […]

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Mood Health

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In my practice the most common patient concerns are fatigue, trouble with sleep, and anxiety.  It is actually rare for a patient to complain about depression, but many of these patients are offered anti-depressants by their physicians.  They often ask me if there are alternatives to these and other medications.  Fortunately there are approaches designed to restore the balance of brain chemistry with targeted nutritional supplementation which has sound scientific evidence to support both its effectiveness and safety.

One way to understand how this works is to imagine the […]

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Modern Plague

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In the last few weeks I have seen a 9 year old with frequent colds, a middle aged man with depression, tight hamstrings and debilitating knee pain, a menopausal woman with fatigue and anxiety and an overweight woman with insomnia. Each of these individuals has seen at least three different physicians and one of them has seen 10 different physicians – in each case their primary symptoms have been almost completely resistant to a wide range of treatments. Three of these four individuals are thin or at least of […]

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Bone Health

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What is a person to do? Most of my patients are aware of the risks of bone fracture with aging. The statistics are indeed pretty frightening. Fractures in old age are the kind of thing that sends us to bed and from which we may never get up. Most women routinely get bone density testing and many of my patients know their “T-score” by heart. It is also my experience that many women are leery of the medications that are often recommended for women at risk of fracture.

Risks of […]

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The Winding Road to Functional Medicine: Life after Plum Spring

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The following interview with Dr. Sharp and Kathleen Williams was published in the August 2010 issue of Health & Healing in the Triangle.

For many, the way practitioners view the function of the human body is a critical health issue. To explore the meaning and purpose of the emerging paradigm called “functional medicine,” we visited with Dr. Michael Sharp at his practice in Chapel Hill.

Health&Healing: Dr. Sharp, share with us the nature of your practice.

Dr. Sharp: I practice functional medicine with my wife Kathleen Williams, integrative […]

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Whole Medicine

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We named our blog Whole Medicine because we think the name conveys a sense of the process we intend for our practice.

I began my journey into Whole Medicine after many years as a pediatrician, when I developed ‘prescription fatigue.’   I became a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was fascinated and intrigued by the beautiful way it incorporates the belief that everything is connected.   This concept helped me pinpoint my frustration with conventional medical practice– the pattern of subdividing the body and treating each condition as if it were unrelated to any other.   In my experience this is not […]

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