Lorre Fleming

Internal Family Systems~informed Trauma Recovery Coach
Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

I firmly believe that all beings possess an innate, organic, healing intelligence. I believe this because of my own journey of healing from complex trauma. Having experienced significant liberation from depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and debilitating pain, I am inspired to accompany others on the path of healing and psychospiritual growth. I approach this work with an optimistic, non-pathologizing view and an understanding that all forms of chronic suffering are invitations to know ourselves – the ways our experiences have shaped us, the brilliance of our survival and coping mechanisms, how these may no longer be serving us, and ultimately, the wisdom and compassion that is our essence, our True Self.

I am a lifelong learner, keenly interested in neuroscience, Internal Family Systems Therapy, various somatic healing disciplines, psychedelic therapy, spirituality, and consciousness exploration. I am certified as both an addiction recovery and psychedelic integration coach and as an advanced trauma-sensitive mindfulness practitioner. I am trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy through the Internal Family Systems Counselling Association. All of these inform the way I approach my ongoing personal healing work and my work with clients, as does my deep appreciation and reverence for the healing power of a safe, nurturing connection.