Physician-led expertise in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and Functional Medicine

The Plum Spring Clinic Difference

At Plum Spring Clinic, we have a distinct approach to healthcare. Our medical director, Dr. Michael Sharp, is an experienced physician who was trained at Harvard and taught at the UNC School of Medicine for twenty years. After practicing conventional medicine for some time, Dr. Sharp became dissatisfied with the results and embarked on a personal journey towards understanding true healing as opposed to simply medicating and masking symptoms.

Dr. Sharp’s own encounter with a serious illness prompted him to explore Functional Medicine, which focuses on identifying the underlying causes of chronic illnesses by examining the breakdown of healthy bodily functions. Over the course of 25 years, Dr. Sharp has applied this approach to patients who haven’t found relief through conventional medicine. Through his work, he has learned that many chronic health and mood issues can be traced back to unresolved traumatic stress.

Now, Dr. Sharp and his team of two coach-healers welcome patients who are experiencing intertwined mood and physical problems. They believe that the combination of Functional Medicine and Internal Family Systems therapy can effectively address these issues.

Their approach is guided by three fundamental principles:

  1. Each patient possesses an innate healing wisdom that remains intact, regardless of their current state of unwellness.
  2. A respectful, compassionate, and non-pathologizing relationship between the client and practitioner is crucial for the client to tap into their innate healing wisdom.
  3. The journey of healing is a holistic and organic process that unfolds over time. It requires skillful and kind attention to the entire system, as no one can do it alone.


Physician-led team providing EXPERTISE, EXPERIENCE, COMPASSIONATE PRESENCE  to the journey of healing TRAUMA and STRESS at the root of chronic illness.

Dr. Michael Sharp

Internal Family Systems therapy, Somatic Experiencing
Ketamine-Assisted Therapy
Functional Medicine

Dr. Sharp’s power to help people lies in his long journey into the healing arts. He comes from a lineage of physicians including his father, grandmother, and a great great grandfather who was featured in Ripley’s Believe-It-or-Not for traveling great distances to make house calls.

Kathleen Williams

Internal Family Systems practitioner
Ketamine-Assisted Therapy
Compassion Resilience Coach

My practice is an ever-evolving weave of polyvagal orientation to nervous system regulation, Internal Family Systems theory with somatic focus, and ketamine-assisted therapy. The living thread connecting these is kindly presence to my clients, their histories, and their parts.

Lorre Fleming

Internal Family Systems~informed Trauma Recovery Coach
Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

I firmly believe that all beings possess an innate, organic, healing intelligence. I believe this because of my own journey of healing from complex trauma. Having experienced significant liberation from depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and debilitating pain, I am inspired to accompany others on the path of healing and psychospiritual growth.

Susan Wyler

Functional Nutritionist

Plum Spring Clinic’s functional nutritionist, her integrative training results in an approach to wellness that includes not just dietary habits, but physical activity, stress, sleep patterns, and other lifestyle issues. She has co-authored several books on health including The Acid Reflux Solution: A Cookbook and Lifestyle Guide for Healing Heartburn Naturally.