Dr. Michael Sharp

Internal Family Systems therapy, Somatic Experiencing
Ketamine-Assisted Therapy
Functional Medicine

Dr. Sharp’s power to help people lies in his long journey into the healing arts. He comes from a lineage of physicians including his father, grandmother, and a great great grandfather who was featured in Ripley’s Believe-It-or-Not for traveling great distances to make house calls. Dr. Sharp graduated from Harvard Medical School and served on the faculty of the UNC School of Medicine for 25 years, where he distinguished himself as a champion of social support for families and communities focused on the needs of disabled children. He learned early on the crucial role played by positive relationships in well-being.

In 1998, facing his own cancer, he broke the bounds of more conventional therapies to embark on a journey that would take him into the study of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Shamanic healing, and Functional Medicine…and ultimately to focus on healing trauma and traumatic stress underlying much unwellness.

Says Dr. Sharp, “The driving force in my career has been to understand and treat the roots of illness. The negative impact on physical and emotional health of constant stress is well understood. The game changer in our work is understanding the role of early childhood adversity, such as neglect and abuse, in the development of the stress patterns underlying health-disrupting anxiety and depression over the course of a lifetime. For true healing to occur, those patterns must change. Internal Family Systems has provided us the map for safe and relational therapeutic space to heal the traumas that trigger the fears and rage locking us in illness patterns.”

Dr. Sharp engages a limited number of clients each month who are eager to recover health and change their lives. With each client, he commits to a journey of overcoming the barriers to wellness. The client likewise commits to a process of learning the ways of nurturing – and enjoying – their well-being.

We connect with you to provide compassionate expertise, skill, and support for your healing journey. It is my deepest satisfaction to see you freed from pain, fatigue, and anxiety to live your life with joy and vitality.