Nutritional Counseling

Poor Nutrition And How Our Holistic Nutrition Consulting Services Can Revive Your Health

Malnutrition occurs when the body doesn’t get enough nutrients. Causes include a poor diet, digestive conditions, or another disease. Symptoms are fatigue, dizziness, and weight loss. Untreated malnutrition can cause physical or mental disability. Holistic nutrition as well as treatment must address any underlying conditions and replace missing nutrients. There are more than 200,000 US cases per year.

The Common Effect of Poor Nutrition:

  • Medium Term: Resolves within months
  • Usually self-treatable
  • Usually self-diagnosable
  • Lab tests or imaging rarely required

When this system is not working well, immune, energy, mood, pain and detoxification problems often manifest.

Issues people may experience:

Developmental: failure to thrive, short stature, or slow growth
Whole body: dizziness, fatigue, or water-electrolyte imbalance
Muscular: muscle weakness or loss of muscle
Also common: weight loss


Nutritionist: Specializes in food and diet.
Primary care provider (PCP): Prevents, diagnoses, and treats diseases.

8 Signs of Poor Nutrition

  • Feeling Tired. If you lack energy all the time, it can be a sign that you don’t get enough of certain nutrients, like iron.
  • Brittle, Dry Hair
  • Ridged or Spoon-Shaped Nails
  • Dental Problems
  • Change in Bowel Habits
  • Mood and Mental Health Issues
  • Easy Bruising and Slow Healing
  • Slow Immune Response
nutritional deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t absorb or get from food the necessary amount of a nutrient. Deficiencies can lead to a variety of health problems. These can include digestion problems, skin disorders, stunted or defective bone growth, and even dementia.

Children who eat poorly are more likely to develop certain longterm health problems and complications, including: Osteoporosis in later life. Cardiovascular diseases. Growing up eating foods high in fat, sugar, and salt can increase the risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis as an adult.

How Can Our Holistic Nutrition Consulting Services Help You Prevent Poor Nutrition Habits?

When it comes to our holistic nutrition consulting services, we have built a team of professionals, including a functional medicine physician, a dietitian/nutritionist, and a stress resilience coach.  Together and collaboratively, we seek first to understand and address the root causes of illness, including the use of nutraceuticals and botanical supplements rather than prescription medication.  For many of our patients, past traumas are playing a role in persistent health problems.  Our collective skill set includes help for resolving the impact of past traumas and releasing obstacles to healing.

We focus on the process of true healing.  The holistic nutrition consulting process means that address every lifestyle element that influences health:

  • Diet and correcting nutrient deficiencies,
  • Learning and practicing the skills of stress resilience,
  • A rational and individualized plan for exercise and fresh air,
  • Attention to healthy sleep,
  • Elimination of toxins from our immediate environment and from our bodies.

Beyond understanding and addressing the roots of unwellness, we provide active support for building skills and habits for a healthy diet and stress-resilient lifestyles.

It is our mission to actively support and guide each client in building skills and habits for a healthy and sustainable life in the long run, free from the restrictions that poor health can impose on achieving our most cherished goals. If you’d love to find out how to combat poor nutritional habits, please don’t hesitate to contact us about our holistic nutrition consulting services today.