Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take Insurance?  

No. Insurance companies assess and disperse reimbursement fees based on diagnosis codes and standard services codes. Although we could provide such codes to meet these requirements, we are responsible for coding accurately to reflect the actual services we are providing. Based on past experience and written policies of the insurance providers we do not believe we are providing the services for which codes exist. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has a written policy stating that they do not reimburse for holistic services. This is unfortunate because in our experience, only services that are provided in a relational and systems-based understanding of disease process — i.e. holistic wellness — can reverse the course of illness. For certain laboratory services we can code our requisitions to meet the lab’s billing requirements, and these are usually successfully paid by your insurance company. However, most labs that we use are out of network. In these instances we recommend you pay the lowest price for the test, its “cash” price, directly to the lab. You can then ask the lab for a receipt that you may submit to your insurance company. 

Do you treat “X” disease?

We get many questions about whether or not we have seen and successfully treated a specific disease. The beauty of the Functional Medicine model is that it is able to dissect and understand any combination of symptoms as a breakdown in one or a number of the basic physiological processes of the human body. Our approach to supporting the recovery of each of these fundamental processes is based on understanding that the body as a biological system knows how to heal, and will heal if conditions for healing are created. We see substantial response in 80+% of our patients.

How much does Holistic Wellness cost?

We can take payment at the time of visit to any of our providers, and therefore cost of working with us depends on the amount of work you do.  Healing is both path and learning process for each of us, unfolding as we go.  We regard our work as meeting you where you are, for as long as our compassion, skills and expertise are helpful to you.

How do you work with your patients?

Each person is uniquely un-well, and interventions must be aimed at meeting specific root causes of illness with discernment and compassion. These causes are uncovered by a thorough history, review of past lab testing, and choosing additional testing aimed at uncovering the physiological breakdowns specific to each individual. Based on this comprehensive assessment, we can advise you on the best approaches for repair and healing. These approaches can include medical supervision, supplements, nutritional counseling, coaching for stress resilience, and treatment for past traumas. The proportion and combination of techniques is sensitively individualized to meet you where and as you are.

How successful have you been with Holistic Wellness Programs?

We have a twenty-year history of working with complex illnesses and our record over the years is very good. The majority of our patients experience a significant positive response to our treatments and many of them consider themselves cured. Some tell us of their new lease on life, made possible via the resolution of chronic debilitating symptoms. The remainder feel like they a) understand the nature of their illness and b) have learned with our coaching the specific techniques necessary to keep them out of crises and with a minimum of symptoms and medication.

How soon can you get me in?

We take a limited number of new patients each month. We are not a high volume clinic, preferring to provide intimate and personalized attention to each of our patients. However, we save room in our schedules for new patients and understand that some people need help in a very timely manner. We are usually able to fit those in need into our schedules within a month.

Holistic Wellness