Kathleen Williams

Internal Family Systems practitioner
Ketamine-Assisted Therapy
Compassion Resilience Coach

My practice is an ever-evolving weave of polyvagal orientation to nervous system regulation, Internal Family Systems theory with somatic focus, and ketamine-assisted therapy. The living thread connecting these is kindly presence to my clients, their histories, and their parts. What I’ve learned accompanying my clients’ on their healing path, and treading my own, is this: the ways we have been wounded — particularly in early experience — imprint a deep sense of aloneness on our psyches and nervous systems, often reinforced by core beliefs of unworthiness of love or happiness carried by our young wounded parts.  These traumatic imprints are the roots of patterns that impair our physiological health and our capacity for happiness.  Our work together, taking advantage of neuroplasticity that is innate to us as biological beings, is essentially an update of nervous system and psyche to the reality of our innate goodness and wisdom.  This in turn builds resilience and calm into our nervous systems, which gives our body access to its healing, and our essential wholeness access to expression.

This is healing. It is nurtured by loving presence that conveys respect and appreciation to all parts of us, confidence in our system’s desire and wisdom to heal, and skillful coaching for making the changes healing requires of us.  I welcome clients looking for support to step out of painful and discouraging patterns of anxiety and depression.  Well-being, authenticity, and fulfillment await.

I’ve had so many therapists over the decades, but never like you. I have felt so safe and cared for. Thank you for your gentle energy, kind heart, and for creating such a beautiful non-judgemental safe space for me to heal all my parts.
~ C.L., Chapel Hill, NC

My experience with Kathleen’s coaching has been transformative and grounding. Her warm presence combined with her guiding intuition helped me move from conditioned reactivity to compassionate and skillful responsiveness. She creates a trusting relational environment that allows one to explore inside with courage, creativity and care. I highly recommend!
~Joy K.


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