Somatic Experiencing ®

Many, maybe most, of us experiencing health problems have a history of trauma. There is an emerging science (or more properly a coming together of different scientific threads) that establish these things:

  • Trauma in our past has a powerful physiological effect on our bodies today, reflecting in a variety of forms of un-wellness
  • Most people who are in ill health can be helped by directing healing efforts towards correcting those physiological ill effects with changes in diet and supplements
  • Most people will not experience lasting relief until the old trauma is dis-lodged
  • Conventional insight therapy is not particularly useful at dislodging these old wounds.

Somatic Experiencing is a technique that has been developed over the last 20 years to help dislodge these old wounds. It is based on the understanding that the part of our brain called the amygdala holds the reins to our autonomic nervous system and evolved long enough before our more modern brain (the neo-cortex) that it speaks a different language. Holding the reins to our autonomic nervous system means that it controls our heart rate, our digestive system and our fight or flight response and it often holds wellness hostage to fears that lurk below the surface, residual to early frights or injuries. Somatic Experiencing helps the body learn to feel safe and release old fears. It helps us to learn the language of the amygdala. Symptoms of ill health are often the body trying to get our attention and often take on new meanings as we learn to hear what the amygdala is trying to tell us.

Somatic Experiencing brings together many of my past experiences in Chinese Medicine, shamanic journeying and western holistic physiology. I have come to believe it is a technique that provides a powerful answer to forms of illness particulary resistant to more conventional approaches.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. –Rumi

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