Our Process

We have arrived at our new wellness-based model that is neither insurance-filed nor fee-for-service. We have structured our services around individualized programs of care and treatment. These are designed at the start of the relationship with new patients, based on the patient’s history of illness and aspirations for wellness. We mutually commit to a schedule of care which involves understanding and addressing the root factors. We engage the skills and expertise of our providers with the skills and expertise of each patient to create a team and a plan for the journey, its duration, and its destination. The investment for each program is agreed upon at the time of the initial consultation. A wide variety of programs can be designed to meet individual needs and budgets. This arrangement removes further financial worries from interfering with the therapeutic process. We find this makes all the difference in establishing the rapport upon which positive work together is built.


Although our programs do involve a significant investment, we know that the vast majority of our patients will experience a decrease in future medical costs many times the amount of the investment. Because each program is individualized in duration and content, the costs are variable and lower priced options have been included for those with limited budgets.  As noted above, our services are not covered by insurance so we do not file charges with insurance. Some of the diagnostic testing we do may be covered by some patients’ insurance plans, and we will have the lab bill your insurance directly.

Our Guarantee

We are often asked if we can guarantee our results. We certainly respect the fears and frustrated hopes underlying the question. Our answer is this: We absolutely guarantee to provide the services laid out in the program to which we have mutually agreed.  And we promise to do that with presence of heart and mind. But that’s only half the equation, for results are as dependent on what the patient puts into his or her process as what we do. We know beyond doubt that every patient’s healing process is their own, and what they get out of it will be a reflection of what they put into it. Changing the patterns and habits underpinning ill health to create new patterns and habits that will underpin and result in well-being can be challenging and take time. And this is nearly impossible to do alone. Our team is here to provide support and expertise for the journey.