Metabolic Syndrome

The term ‘metabolism’ refers to the complex set of biochemical processes that occur within us in order to maintain our survival. These biochemical processes are under the strict control of a complex system of communication and monitoring that links all of the cells in our body. When this system becomes overwhelmed or confused and begins to breakdown, errors in communication between our cells can occur. These errors cause dysregulation of critical aspects of our health such as our blood pressure, blood lipid (cholesterol) levels, blood sugar, and weight. A common cluster of these conditions is called metabolic syndrome. Left unchecked, these errors in cell communication or signaling invariably lead to chronic diseases and increased risk of early disability, cancer, and death.

It is estimated that up to a third of all Americans have metabolic syndrome and many more have at least one condition associated with dysregulated metabolic processes. This represents a dark future for the health of our population. Even scarier is the fact that most of these conditions have no obvious signs or symptoms until the onset of severe disease. Elevated blood pressure is known as the silent killer and we have all at least heard of seemingly healthy people dying of sudden heart attacks.

However, there is good news too. Metabolic conditions are linked to overweight, obesity, inactivity, poor diet, high levels of stress, smoking, and poor mental health. These are behaviors we can change, which makes metabolic conditions both highly preventable and treatable!  While conditions such as high blood pressure have become so common that it almost seems like they are an inevitable part of the aging process, this is absolutely not true. They are a result of the toxic environment and behaviors our bodies are asked to live within and through. Improvements in health related behaviors are a powerful treatment that can address the issue at its source and restore proper communication amongst the cells of our body.

Traditional medical treatment of metabolic conditions relies heavily on pharmacologic management, and too often relegates addressing the real underlying issues to an afterthought. This robs individuals of a chance for healing and binds them to lifelong drug use, with its ever present risk of side effects and toxicity. Worse yet, often the progress of the dysfunction proceeds unchecked and cell signalling errors worsen leading to decreased quality of life and shorter lifespans.

At Plum Spring Clinic we tackle the causes metabolic syndrome head-on so that errors in communication between our cells can be eliminated. This means more than providing handouts on physical activity and heart healthy diets. It means we take the time to understand the deeper roots which often include chronic stress, depression, lack of knowledge or resources, or inadequate social connection.  As with most disease states, metabolic conditions are biochemically self-reinforcing. This means that the symptoms that the communication errors cause often reinforce the bad behaviors that created the errors in the first place. For example, errors in cell signalling regarding blood sugar can cause alterations to our appetite that drives obesity which is often the root cause of the cell signalling error in the first place. We can help to break this vicious cycle by uncovering and treating conditions that are both caused by metabolic abnormalities and also contribute or interfere with treatment. These conditions often include alterations in gut flora, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, and hormone imbalances.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, elevated blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides), or elevated blood sugar (prediabetes, type 2 diabetes) or have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, Plum Spring Clinic can help you restore proper functioning to your metabolism. This will vastly improve your prospects for a long and healthy life, so contact us today.