Become a New Patient at the Holistic Care Center

Is Plum Spring Clinic right for you?

We are a small practice and serve patients who want to engage in our work in a collaborative fashion. Virtually all of our patients have seen multiple physicians and health care practitioners — both conventional and alternative — and have not found healing they seek. The holistic care center of Plum Spring Clinic team takes pride in our high rate of success helping patients given their past unsuccessful or partially helpful experiences. One way to understand the difference between the not-helpful approaches and our lies in the collaborative nature of our work. You will not be the passive recipient of an “intervention” in our practice. We rarely prescribe medications, manipulation, adjustments or infusions. We do everything we can to help our patients avoid surgery. We do recommend nutritional supplements after careful testing, but never as the sole solution for complex physiological “break-downs”. Supplements by themselves are rarely the magic bullet in our experience. Collaborative care, based on sincere rapport with our patients, usually is.

The Magic of Collaborative Holistic Care

We help people care for these components of their health: diet, exercise, chronic stress, sleep, metabolic impairments (often genetic and toxin related), and unresolved trauma when appropriate. In our current culture of health and wellness, most of us take a piecemeal approach to these components. Find a diet on the internet. Take up running. Dabble in meditation. Separate activities we may or may not have working commitment to, and rarely with the support of a team of experts.

At Plum Spring Clinic we say, “you aren’t going to start to get better until you ask for help – and then take it!” We often have people who can’t exercise because of fatigue or depression (or both). As we help them with their sleep, stress response and metabolic impairments, they begin to feel better — more energy, less depression. Then they begin to be able to exercise, and they know it’s time to add that exercise piece to their wellness routines. This is the result of collaboration, communication, and trust between our team and the patient.

Here’s another example: we have patients who have a very hard time eating well. They’ve tried and tried but keep “relapsing”. When we work on their anxiety, sleep and digestive regularity they begin to discover the joy and effectiveness of healthful foods to help them sustain good mood and stress resilience. Compare to this most people’s negative experiences of “eat your vegetables”.


If you are interested in becoming one of the handful of patients at this Holistic Care Center we are able help each month, call our office at (919) 9450-0300, or fill out the contact form linked on this page. You can either schedule your initial 90-minute functional medicine consultation with Dr. Sharp, or schedule a free informational call with our resilience coach, Kathleen Williams, to learn if the practice is right for you before scheduling with Dr. Sharp.

Your initial visit

Dr. Sharp will have reviewed the medical records you have provided, and during your visit he will take a comprehensive, holistic medical history. Most people who are new to the functional medicine process will experience this visit as profound and encouraging, making connections between what were previously thought to be disparate and disconnected parts of your social and medical past.

As a result of this consultation you and Dr. Sharp will discuss a number of options.

Your options for working with us

  • Functional Medicine diagnostic testing. These tests may include physiological and biochemical tests to determine the presence of leaky gut, dysbiosis, impairment in stress and sex hormone functioning, home sleep studies, nutrient deficiencies (we find a lot of them), digestive function breakdown (why do gastroenterologists only look? Appearance can be very deceiving!) and metabolic, inflammatory or immune impairments.
  • Nutritional and dietary counseling.
  • Health coaching in support of developing stress resilience and establishing healthy habits.
  • Somatic Counseling with Dr. Sharp which includes support for addressing and healing unresolved trauma that may be contributing to prolonged ill health.
  • A curriculum for health that will engage you with all we know about building and maintaining well-being across the course of your work with us. Our aim is for you to face your future with confidence in your ability to care for your health.
  • Functional Medicine Management to create and implement strategies for repairing and nurturing the body’s breakdowns and resolving chronic symptoms. The capacity to heal using this technique is often astounding, particularly when paired with the appropriate components mentioned above.

Dr. Sharp will discuss cost options with you. The decision about what approach to choose is best made collaboratively. Due to the profound and far-reaching nature of our work together, and the critical importance of your own commitment to making the changes necessary for your well-being, the support of your significant other is important. We therefore urge you to have that person on board with you in your first session with Dr. Sharp.

We sincerely look forward to working with you. Click the button below to send us a message and we will be in contact with you soon.