Chronic Diarrhea

Do you have persisting loose or watery stools and have you tried to get to the bottom of this problem by seeing a mainstream gastroenterologist? Have you spent money and time on expensive and recommended tests but with no good answers?  Have you been frustrated because you’re certain this symptom is related to the foods you eat but as soon as you’ve become convinced you know which ones, you get a completely unexpected result? IF you’re experiencing these symptoms, you may need chronic diarrhea treatment immediately.

We regularly see and help individuals with these experiences.  Here is how we will help you.

Diagnostic tests:

  1. Leaky gut: a test to let us know how well your digestive system is doing what it should do – permit passage into the blood of nutrients but keep out undigested food
  2. Dysbiosis: two different tests that help us understand how healthy your microbiome is – the ocean of bacteria that are our intimate partners in maintaining a healthy gut ecology.
  3. The role of stress: stress hormones have an immediate and deleterious effect on numbers 1 and 2.
  4. Is there inflammation, malabsorption, food sensitivities or allergies and how well are you digesting your food? There are tests for each of these.

Most individuals that come to us have had the least helpful tests done: endoscopy. The appearance of your esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon has very little to tell us about how your digestive system is not functioning properly.

Until we know why you’re having loose stools we won’t know how to help you with our chronic diarrhea treatment.  When we do we can implement an individualized treatment program that will include the most important determinants of gut health the 5 pillars of health: exercise, diet, stress, sleep and toxin exposure and elimination. Supplements will be recommended based on what we understand about what is going on.

And how by the way, don’t try and heal a leaky gut but just eliminating the problematic foods. Efforts have to be made to heal the leakiness or you’ll simply develop a whole new set of sensitivities.

Please fill out a New Patient Inquiry Form and this will help us determine if we are likely to be able to help. If we are,  we can schedule a welcome call so you can learn about how we work with people just like you.