8-10 servings of vegetables a day? How in the world…?!

Nov 20, 2017 | Nutrition

Yep, our super smart and well-informed nutritionist Nate tells us that’s how many servings of vegetables to eat in a day to get the vitamins, minerals, fiber etc necessary for good health.  How do we eat that much vegetable matter in 3 squares a day, especially given that one of those squares normally does not even contain vegetables?

Hint:  Let smoothies turn breakfast into a vegetable meal!  With the right equipment and mindset, smoothies are as easy, fast and yummy as any other other you might be used to, AND you can get in a good portion of your daily vegetable intake.  PLUS you’ll get the added benefit that you’re likely to feel better, have better morning mind and energy, and contribute more toward your long-term health with a veggie smoothie than with cereal or bacon and eggs or a biscuit…or nothing.

Watch for my favorite combination of vegetables and fruit for a nutrition powerhouse breakfast smoothie in another post.  Meanwhile, here’s a video of our favorite nerd (and one of our go-to online nutrition experts), Dr. Michael Greger, with a great approach to an efficient savory version.  If you like spicy Bloody Mary mix, you’ll like this.