Over the years, I’ve relied on Dr. Sharp and his team to assist me through some very trying times in my life, including losing my wife and the farm we had together for 30 years.  It’s difficult to imagine how I could have gotten along in this new environment without his help, but I am even more grateful for his timely intervention when I unexpectedly suffered a heart attack.  The fact that he was only a phone call away, saved my life.
                                                                       Clyde from Chapel Hill


Plum Spring Clinic is where I went to start getting whole again, like I used to be. My friend told me about Dr. Sharp and Kathleen Williams back when the clinic was in Southern Village and thought they could help me. I was fortunate enough to meet with Dr. Sharp one-on-one for several visits and I could not have been happier. Dr. Sharp found a unique strategy for me to regain my health. We began at the human level, discussing my existence through this life and he was there; truly there, listening, quiet and involved. He mindfully asked great questions about my mind, body and spirit. He was honestly concerned about all of these aspect of my creature, not just with what ailed me. I had never had a doctor be so thorough as Dr. Sharp. He ordered my blood to be drawn for several special tests so we could see what was going on with me on the cellular level; always gathering more pieces to my puzzle. His approach was complete and integrative. He suggested supplements, mindfulness practices and other tactics to help me get back on track. We met several times to talk and regroup and each time I was impressed.

Dr. Sharp is a kind, gentle doctor who sincerely cares about your health and well being. I highly recommend Plum Spring Clinic if you are looking for a place to become whole again.

E.K., Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Sharp is an excellent diagnostician. I avoided having surgery because of his evaluation and treatment.  He diagnosed my food sensitivities and has treated me successfully.  He diagnosed and treated my hypothyroidism when other physicians said treatment was not indicated.

I’m very grateful for his skill and compassion.

S.L., Chapel Hill, NC

My health began a significant decline in my late 30s.  I spent over ten years working within the the traditional healthcare system and even integrative practices trying various pharmaceuticals and seeing various experts, however, everything I tried either didn’t help or made me worse.  

My health bottomed out in 2014; my anxiety and depression were through the roof, I had aches and pains all over my body, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think and lost my voice to name just a few of the issues.  I gave up on traditional doctors and with the help of the internet found I was sensitive to nightshades.  

Over the next few months my health improved significantly but then seemed to plateau short of where I wanted to be.  This is when I found Dr. Sharp.  What I learned from him was that my system had been thrown way out of balance.  With the help of medical tests traditional doctors won’t touch, we investigated several health factors such as cortisol disruption, candida infection, mercury toxicity and even some genetic risk factors all of which were addressed through various supplements, which again, traditional doctors won’t touch.  

Today, I’m back at work and reassembling my life.  I have a better perspective on my health and better balance in everything from diet to supplements to the way the body influences the mind (and vice versa) in times of sickness and health.  I can’t say enough for how much Dr Sharp has helped me when many many others could not.

P. K., Chapel Hill, NC

I have a history of chronic fatigue, low adrenals, unbalanced hormones and high ebv markers.  My life, having once been full and active, eventually consisted of only having the strength to get out of bed to research any information I could find on my symptoms.

My general practitioner, many other doctors I saw, blood tests I took, did nothing to help me feel better, treat, or explain my symptoms.

I found Dr. Sharp online as one of the few integrative doctors in the area. His credentials are outstanding, but something about his expertise in many different fields, convinced me he might be an excellent diagnostician and healer.

I have been his patient for almost a year, and have never regretted my choice.  Dr. Sharp deeply cares about each of his patients, and wants them to be involved in the process of discovery and recovery as much as he is.

He is the first doctor to allow me to be partnered with him in treatment options.  I’ve not only tremendously improved, I know I am completely healing.  I have my life back.

A. A., Chapel Hill, NC

I highly recommend Dr. Sharp to anyone like myself who has struggled with life-long conditions dating back to childhood .  There has been a noticeable and consistent improvement ever since I started working with him.  I especially like his emphasis on holistic approaches over drugs.

C. K., Chapel Hill, NC

For more than twenty years, I have struggled with a brain disorder that could not be fully controlled through medication.  After reading a professional publication indicating that diet could also help, I searched the Internet for a doctor that might have the right training and insight to put the idea into practice. In addition, I had gained about 8 pounds in 5 months after eating poorly on vacations and at conferences.  My intestines were screaming for help!  I consulted with Dr. Sharp who conducted a thorough intake interview, after which he recommended a metabolic cleanse to find out what was causing the intestinal problems.  He prescribed metabolic tests that identified the main problem.  After the cleanse, I feel so much better– more energy, improved sleep, and a reduction in stress.  Nate’s weekly coaching calls helped me learn to live a better, healthier, and more relaxed life. The biggest surprise is that my brain disorder has also improved, and I know what to do if I return to issues in the future.

V.S., Orange County, NC

I came to Dr. Sharp feeling disgruntled with a doctor whoafter a very quick appointment, told me I had absolutely no other choice but to go on a strong type of cholesterol-lowering drugs and possibly blood pressure medication. I had been living my life continually working towards being healthier in all ways, and was at that time eating decently well, exercising, and searching and researching for what I could do to improve my health, so I did not want to go the drug route if I could avoid it. I knew I was on the right path but I needed help to make the changes I needed to without having to resort to drugs.

I was immediately struck by how Dr. Sharp wanted to listen to what I had to say. Not only did he listen, he also considered my opinions before forming his own. I had never had this experience before, where someone who was so knowledgeable and experienced considered my feedback vital to the process and used it in his decision-making. My belief is that health issues originate in emotional and spiritual issues so it was the most thrilling experience to have a professional be in sync with me on this point. We worked together as partners.

Dr. Sharp truly integrates all aspects of health as you move down the path towards more vibrant health. He looked at all of my numbers and certainly made sure it was fine to try alternative therapies first, and after we met and spoke further, he concluded that it was totally possible for me to heal these health issues without drugs. His knowledge of the supplements that would help me was crucial to this process, and Dr. Sharp helped me come to decisions that made major changes in my life.

Within a year of working with him, I had lowered my risk of heart attack and stroke without ever having to go on chemical drugs. That alone speaks volumes.

What strikes me as one Dr. Sharp’s most powerful abilities is the way he addresses all levels of your health — physical, emotional, and spiritual. He truly works with you holistically and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

B.B., Raleigh, NC

The real reward of Dr. Sharp’s program was not the ten pounds that I lost or the 50 points that I cut off my cholesterol score, but what I learned about myself and my styles of eating and exercise. This is life-course education, and it’s life-changing.

D.P., Chapel Hill, NC

This is a testimonial of my experience with Dr. Sharp. I trust Dr. Sharp and believe in all my heart I would not be as far along in my recovery had it not been for the personalized treatment received in the past eighteen months. Prior to seeing Dr. Sharp, there were many costly visits to three different doctors. They all meant well, but either could not or were not willing to take time to hear intimate details that were necessary for my recovery. Dr. Sharp not only felt it was necessary to have a clear understanding of my perception and feelings to better access my situation, but encouraged the participation of my wife. Thankfully, through the use of pharmaceuticals and supplements, I am physically able to return to work and enjoy my family.

Living two hours away and having a fairly serious situation, Dr. Sharp made himself accessible, which I was careful not to abuse. That shows a characteristic not found in the modern doctor. It is obvious through his demeanor and treatment plan that Dr. Sharp personally cares for the welfare of his patients. He and Kathleen are a breath of fresh air.

R.E., New Bern, NC

Many years ago, one of my favorite TV shows was “Touched by an Angel”. In that show people’s lives were healed by angels who looked like regular people. This year I too was touched by one of these “angels”and this story is true!   10 years ago, after over 30 years of marriage, my husband left me for another woman. In my mid fifties, I moved and started over. Then four years later, my stepfather had a heart attack and I was left with the 24/7 care of my Mom who was in late stages of Alzheimer’s.  It is an understatement to say that I was under considerable stress. Last summer I became so tired that I could not function. My sister came and took our Mom to her home in Virginia.  At first I thought that if I rested and took care of myself that I would soon feel better. I tried taking supplements and special diets. I tried exercising and getting extra sleep. I tried repeating positive affirmations and I prayed.  But instead of getting better, my energy became more and more depleted. I went to a conventional doctor in Pinehurst who had no explanation for my symptoms.

He prescribed some medication, but it was so late in the day that the drug store was already closed. Evidently out of everything that I tried in order to feel better, it was the prayer that worked. During the night an inner voice insisted that I not take the medicine prescribed by my doctor. The next morning I began searching the internet for another doctor. I called two other doctors that seemed like they might be able to help me, but they were so booked that it would have been several months before I could get an appointment. The third doctor was the charm and because of a cancellation he was able to take me the next day. When I walked into Dr. Sharp’s office, he looked like a regular human, but he was really an angel in disguise. Unlike my conventional doctor, Dr. Sharp really listened as I described how I felt not only physically but also emotionally. He took the time to understand me as a whole person and consequently from that developed an individualized treatment plan for me that restored balance to my depleted mind and body.

In August, unable to function, I was depressed and had lost hope.  This Christmas, Dr. Sharp could not have realized that it was he that gave me the greatest gift of all. Because of his insight and extremely effective treatment program, my batteries have been recharged and I feel like the energizer bunny. I have lost 20 pounds and I look and feel great! This January I will be 62, but I don’t feel old. I feel vibrant and totally alive! So much so that I am enrolling in courses that will enable me to get certification as an exercise therapist. I thank God that I was truly touched by one of his “Angels” and totally healed.

A.H., Pinehearst, NC

I have been a patient of Dr. Sharp for many years now.  He first introduced me to “The First Line Therapy Therapeutic Lifestyle Program” as support for my husband.  I lost about 12 lbs.

I have Hypothyroidism and was taking Armour thyroid, but due to a shortage, I had to switch to Westhroid.  My thyroid then went haywire, with my TSH 33.38 (which usually ran 2.55 or less), by all counts I should have been quite tired.  I truly was not exhausted like I had been, when I first was diagnosed with hypothyroidism years ago.

I completely contribute it to the First Line Therapy Therapeutic Lifestyle Program.  I feel better, have more energy.  My female Dr. & I are still working on getting my thyroid straightened out.  I really would hate to see where I’d be right now (physically) without this program.  This is a great program for anyone whether you have health issues or not.  You are learning to eat in a completely new & healthy way.  Great program!!

F.H., Fuquay-Varina, NC

The First Line Therapy Therapeutic Lifestyle Program is the first thing that has ever worked to reduce my cholesterol, triglycerides and eliminate all prescription medications.  My total cholesterol has gone from 233 (on medication) to 117 without prescription medication (LDL 142 to 55, HDL 39 to 45).  Triglycerides have gone from 258 to 84.  And I have also stopped taking medication for high blood pressure and it now runs 114/60.

This program has really made a difference in my life, more energy, sleeping habits have really changed, no more restless nights, have stopped snoring, able to get the rest needed, lost 25 pounds within the first few months after starting the program and have been able to maintain that weight for the past year, great program.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take back control of their health, it is a program that you can live with.

J.H., Fuquay-Varina, NC

It has been my good fortune to work in recent months with health coach Kathleen Williams and with Michael Sharp, M.D., toward achieving goals for greater balance in my life. Kathleen, by gentle sleight of hand, has led me to visualize and to put words to previously unformed ideas about my goals for balanced living. As a thoughtful listener and a skillful coach, she has helped guide me from vague ideas to realizations about how to achieve balance in areas of physical, emotional, and intellectual realms. She has helped me to begin to weave loose threads into a tapestry of career, family, future, present, interests, dreams, and possibilities.

Dr. Sharp works closely with Kathleen and clients to address holistically the often difficult overlap of the physical, emotional and psychological areas of health. As a strong believer in the importance of that overlap, I have found Dr. Sharp to be a wise, experienced, and thoughtful practitioner. His approach to medical problem-solving is gentle and thoughtful, his guidance informed, and his respect for the client’s role in the process extraordinary. I have the highest regard for the Williams-Sharp professional team.

L.W., Chapel Hill, NC

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