Video Summary

Dr. Sharp is an expert in the field of health. Growing up in the Midwest, he comes from a family of physicians. He got his Medical Degree from Harvard Medical School and then moved on to North Carolina to become a resident of the state. When he moved to NC he joined the faculty of the school of medicine there in Chapel Hill. He was a researcher, a clinician, a teacher, a medical school administrator, and has developed a statewide program for children with disabilities.

20 years ago Dr. Sharp had questions about the effectiveness of medicine he was teaching and practicing. During this time he was beginning to have some health problems of his own and was diagnosed with cancer. This made the questions he was having about medicine much more personal. He began to look into alternative medicine. Chinese medicine and acupuncture were what he ended up committing his sabbatical towards. One of the first things he learned, that he kind of already knew, was that everything is connected. There is a rhythm, and a flow, to the healing energy that the Chinese call Chi. He then began to learn that it was effective. There are mysteries in healing and we can learn to listen to it with a certain amount of patience and teaching.

Finding the roots of the illness instead of treating symptoms is dramatically different than traditional medicine. It is important to listen to your primal animal. We are taught to listen to our logical brain but until we learn to listen to our deeper self we can still be hurt because it is the center of control of our deepest physiology. This ties into probably one of the most important aspects of healing and that is that we are all connected. It is through these healing relationships that we all get better.

As time went on, Dr. Sharp began to develop these skill and later on built a structure for consistent practice. Real change only happens over time and is best when applied within a holistic program where there is a coherence of care. Make a commitment to improving your health as we commit to building our clients individualized programs including a curriculum, one on one coaching, nutritional counseling, detoxification, hormone and stress management techniques, and often techniques unique to the needs of the individual patient. This coherent program is helping change lives. Dr. Sharp is completely committed to this approach and is delighted at how effective it is. He hopes that a holistic approach is what you are looking for. If this is ture, why put off something that can really change your life. Check out how to become a patient now to have a holistic wellness program designed specifically for you.