Overweight and Obesity

At Plum Spring Clinic we believe in letting your lifestyle be your diet. For most of us, the goal of weight loss is a goal of behavior and lifestyle change. Think of the life you want to live, what is truly important to you, how you want to feel, and what you want to accomplish. The behaviors that you need to adopt to acquire this life are the best diet for you, and our team of clinicians are here to help you discover and implement them.

Most people who would like to lose weight have already attempted to change their diet or other behaviors many times. Some have succeeded but regained weight over time while others, despite their best efforts, have found their chosen methods to be ineffective. The world has no shortage of diet plans and products but for all our collective efforts and intentions our society has not succeeded in making a dent in the obesity crisis. This is primarily because our food environment does not offer support or convenience for those trying to improve their diet and lifestyle and instead is too often a source of derision, constant temptation, and heightened stress. The fact that the market for weight loss products and diets is full of fads, false promises, misinformation, and outright fraud does not help either. 

Plum Spring Clinic can help you develop effective and lasting weight loss and weight loss maintenance strategies. We can help you select the most effective and sustainable weight loss strategy from a menu of proven techniques. Our team can also help to remove or overcome roadblocks, both hidden and more obvious. Poor mental health, poor stress resilience, micronutrient deficiencies, environmental toxicities, and sleep disorders are extremely common factors that both contribute to weight gain and make losing weight even more difficult. If you have tried to lose weight in the past without accounting for these factors, you were set up for failure. At Plum Spring Clinic, we understand the crucial importance of caring, knowledgeable, and ongoing support. We know from our years of experience that it is virtually impossible to overcome such enormous obstacles alone.

To have an exceptional life and exceptional health requires us to behave in exceptional ways. We all need help to chart a path, clear obstacles, and begin to walk down the path that leads to the life we desire. When on the right path, the image in the mirror and the number on the scale ceases to hold power. What matters is putting one foot in front of the other, and having adequate support to keep your aim true. 

Think of the path that you are on right now. Where do your daily behaviors, diet, and lifestyle lead? If you can not see the destination of your current path, or do not like what you can see, consider recruiting the Plum Spring Clinic team to help you start down a new path to a healthier and more fulfilling future.