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Apr 20, 2018 | Articles

It’s spring cleaning time.  While you’re at it don’t forget to take a look at your dietary supplements! It may be time to upgrade your supplement regimen to include more advanced and absorbable formulations of your old favorites, or find more convenient, trustworthy, and cost-effective sources for your current favorite brands.

Plum Spring Clinic has developed several trusted supplement sources through our many years of practice.  Recently, Amazon and other major retailers have begun entering into the market in a more concerted way. Hopefully, this will result in better prices for the consumer, but there is a potential downside as well. Large internet distributors are masters of logistics but their supply chains are not designed with supplements specifically in mind. The use of mega-sized warehouses means less quality control over how the products are stored and shipped.   And, the use of third-party vendors opens up more opportunities for fraud. The supplement suppliers that we work with at Plum Spring Clinic specialize in providing excellent quality control and customer service specific to dietary supplements while maintaining competitive pricing.

Here is a list of our current partners and links to their sites:

Doctors Supplement Store (offers a huge selection of our most trusted brands)

Store Website:

Registration Code: MS0300

Shipping Policies: Flat rate $7.90, free with orders over $100


(NEW!) Fullscript (a full catalog of top brands)

Store Website:

Shipping Policies: Flat rate $8.75, free with orders over $50


Xymogen (supplements only available exclusively from this leading manufacturer, no middlemen)

Store website: (click on orange “I have a referral code” banner at the top left)

Registration Code: MS0300

Shipping policies: Flat rate 14.95, free over $49


Metagenics (supplements direct from a leading manufacturer, no middlemen)

Store Website:

Registration Code: plumspringclinic

Shipping policies: Flat rate 4.99, free with orders over $49, 10% of your first order!


Spring Sale!!!


Use these codes to get a one time 10% discount off your entire order. Offers expire 5/31/18 so order today!

Doctors Supplement Store: HCPC140Spring10

Metagenics: Spring10


Stay Tuned!

We are launching a monthly Supplement Notes emailing that will highlight some of our favorite products and include valuable offers and coupons. So be on the lookout for more Supplement Notes in the future.

To your health ~

Nate Kelly, MPH, RD-N