Safeguarding our health

Nov 21, 2017 | Health Coaching

All of us on the journey of health and wholeness must reckon with the grave influence of environmental toxins on our efforts.  Ubiquitous in our foods, our water, our air, our household products–the number of chemicals in use is growing daily.   Exposure to many of these is known to adversely affect the healthy development and function of body systems.   Sadly, the wise regulation of these in the public’s interest is diminishing.   If we are to be proactive about creating and maintaining good health, we must add awareness of this challenge to our efforts to care for ourselves and our families.

The commitment to holistic health care obligates us at Plum Spring Clinic to provide resources to our public for minimizing exposure to harmful elements in the environment.  We rely on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for accurate, well-researched information and guidance.  Here’s their list of suggestions for a healthy Thanksgiving meal:…

Thanks for your help, EWG.

Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all.