Picking up the Phone – Some of my tools for fighting anxiety

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I’ve been writing in this column about trapped fight-or- flight responses as the origin of post-traumatic stress disorder. The theory is that the primitive part of the brain that controls our nervous system’s response to threat needs to come to completion any time it is startled into action. The body wants to fight or flee and if it cannot, the energy of those powerful impulses are stuck. Imagine your accelerator and brake both […]

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Speak to the Fear

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[published in Health and Healing in the Triangle, October 2012 issue on Surgery]

I’ve been cut. Couple of times, actually.

Mostly I remember Kathleen’s presence. She goes in with me. She holds my hand when I talk with the pre-op nurse and the anesthesiologist and she waits for me to come out. She listens to the surgeon and later tells me what he said. I get better. I believe one of the operations saved my life.  Seven operations. I’m a frequent flyer.

I’m very lucky.  In most of the instances the surgeon has […]

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