Dr. Sharp offers medical evaluations and health recommendations via phone and video conferencing. If you are a resident of North Carolina, these visits can include diagnosis, telehealth counseling, and treatment of many medical conditions, without your having to be physically present. Although in-person visits offer many advantages, remote visits offer their own: convenience, reduction of time spent commuting and addressing concerns regarding infectious illness exposure. Video technology allows us to relate confidentially and comfortably in our own setting. In our experience, working via phone and video conferencing does not interfere with the success of our work with patients. We are happy to use either phone or video depending on your comfort. Some medical conditions may require Dr. Sharp to visually evaluate you. 

If you are a resident of another state and are inquiring about our telehealth counseling sessions, your own state medical board regulates whether you can be evaluated by Dr. Sharp via phone or video conference. Many states require the treating physician to be licensed in that state. Dr. Sharp is only licensed in the state of North Carolina. If you are curious about whether you qualify to be evaluated remotely by Dr. Sharp, visit your state medical board’s website and search for their policy statement on “telemedicine”.  If you have difficulty interpreting the policy, please feel free to reach out to us to help you know if telemedicine visits are permissible.