Foundation and Diagnostic Programs

We have structured our services around individualized programs of care and treatment. These are designed at the start of the relationship with new patients, based on the patient’s history of illness and aspirations for wellness. We mutually commit to a schedule of care which involves understanding and addressing the root factors. We engage the skills and expertise of our providers with the skills and expertise of each patient to create a team and a plan for the journey, its duration, and its destination. The investment for each program is agreed upon at the time of the initial consultation. This arrangement removes further financial worries from interfering with the therapeutic process. We find this makes all the difference in establishing the rapport upon which positive work together is built. All programs begin with a 90-minute session with Dr. Sharp to take a complete holistic health history, provide you his interpretation of the underlying causes of your illness, and to design a program of care that best meets your needs.  

Diagnostic Programs

This program involves targeted functional medicine diagnostic testing with interpretation and recommendations provided by our medical director Dr. Michael Sharp.

Who is this program for?

This program is for the individual not yet ready or certain of the need for a specific treatment program but that is ready to undertake the hunt for more information and direction toward potential solutions. Whether you have little experience with non-mainstream medicine or are a veteran, a diagnostic program can uncover previously unknown root causes of or contributors to poor health improve your understanding of the underlying “why”. Even more important, these programs can illuminate the path forward to optimal health.

You will receive:

  1. Functional medicine diagnostic testing that can help establish or confirm with more certainty the root causes of illness and the most effective methods for treatment
  2. A comprehensive review of laboratory findings with Dr. Sharp including a list of recommendations to address the factors that were identified as contributing to your ill health.

Diagnostic programs are designed to easily transition to Foundation Programs when appropriate without added fees. This type of program offers a lower cost starting point for many of our clients.

Foundation Programs 

These programs involve all of the components of the Diagnostic Program plus a 12-16-week program of repair and recovery delivered by the team of PSC clinicians and supported by a holistic care curriculum that covers the five pillars of health: movement, stress resilience, sleep, nutrition, and toxicities.

Foundation programs come in a range of options that vary the level of support and the clinicians involved to best match your needs and budget. All Foundation programs include:

  • Functional medicine diagnostic testing
  • Interpretation of diagnostic testing and clinical recommendations
  • Clinical messaging support
  • Administrative and client services coordinator support
  • Program orientation
  • Comprehensive wellness curriculum
  • Weekly live online stress resilience lessons
  • Monthly live online nutrition courses
  • 25% discount on dietary supplements (duration of program)
  • lifetime 10% discount on dietary supplements
  • program review and future planning

Depending on your specific needs the following elements may also be added to a foundation program:

  • Stress resilience coaching
  • Nutrition counseling
  • One of two 28 day dietary programs (including supplies)
  • Somatic Experiencing

Our foundation programs are meant not only to find root causes of illness and illuminate the path toward optimal health but to begin the process of walking this path under the support of our experienced and compassionate staff.

Who is this program for?

  • For the individual who has suffered with chronic illness symptoms that may be limiting their normal life functions. This person may have visited many mainstream specialist physicians who were unable to provide solutions beyond prescription medications that may be costly and in themselves have created more problems. 
  • For people who recognize that their lifestyle patterns have contributed to their unwellness and want to discover ways of eating, resting, calming, enjoying life that will support their wellness.
  • For people who know that they need expert help and genuine care to make the changes necessary to be well.
  • For people who understand that the investment made now is likely to have far-reaching and money-saving benefits for quality and quantity of life.


Ongoing Wellness Support Programs

What comes after a foundation program? Our foundation programs are meant to begin the journey down the path of optimal health. This journey is life-long however and our clients often need occasional support to maintain gains, or follow-up testing after the conclusion of a foundation program. Follow-up programs are individually designed to provide the specific services our clients need, whether it is clinical support or additional laboratory testing. Plum Spring Clinic highly values the relationships we build with our clients and it is our mission to continue to honor these relationships by offering our program alumni the support and services they need to continue their journey.

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