Nutrition Coach

Nate Kelly, MPH, RD-N

Nate Kelly

Nate Kelly is the Plum Spring Clinic nutrition expert and coach.  He is a registered dietitian who obtained his Master of Public Health degree in nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has practiced as a dietitian for over four years and has earned an advanced certification in adult weight management.  His extensive experience treating patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and gastrointestinal disorders provides a key component of our patients’ wellness programs. He now employs many elements of functional medicine to create integrative and customized treatment programs.

While Nate believes that optimal health can never be achieved without optimal nutrition, he does not subscribe to any one dietary philosophy.  In his experience, many types of diets can be used to achieve the same result. Though to be effective, he finds that a diet must conform to the individual patient’s psychological, social, societal, and cultural realities.  

Nate believes that when it comes to diet, the perfect is too often the enemy of the good.  He instead aims to instill in his clients a flexible set of guidelines, including:

  • There are no inherently bad or good types of foods
  • All healthy diets involve the copious consumption of plant foods
  • Body composition is dependent upon energy balance
  • Adequate hydration is a requirement for all healthy diets
  • Temporary changes in diet will create temporary changes in health
  • Many effects of a diet are only realized in the long-term
  • A healthy diet is a varied diet
  • The less restriction a diet has while achieving the desired result the better
  • Food is nourishment for the body AND mind

Nutrition CoachIn my work with clients who are losing weight, I’ve observed time and again that the most challenging element is NOT deciding on a diet. The key is finding a way into the vault of habits to make changes there….it is the most rewarding thing I do to connect with a client and together transform habitual mindless behavior into the intentional choice for health.

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