Ali Cyr-Scully

Ali Cyr-Scully is the Patient Services Coordinator for Plum Spring Clinic. She grew up in Chapel Hill, NC and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2020. She has a Bachelor of Science in Public Health in Nutrition, and she minored in Medical Anthropology and Chemistry. In her time at UNC, Ali dedicated over 300 hours of service to the community through various food-access and health related organizations, interned with the Nutrition Education program at TABLE in Carrboro, and shadowed various clinicians. She is fascinated by the connection between nutrition, health and disease, and hopes to attend medical school.

In her free time, Ali enjoys cooking, running, yoga, spending time outdoors and traveling. When she is not working at Plum Spring Clinic she also works as an EMT. Follow her Instagram account, ali_eatsss, for some fun and healthy recipe ideas!