Private Medical Wellness Retreat

health retreat in north carolina

Plum Spring Clinic offers a 5 to 12 day private medical wellness retreat designed and overseen by our team of functional medicine practitioners to address roots of chronic illness in individuals seeking to embark on a path to healing.  Our wellness retreats take place outside of Chapel Hill, ​North Carolina, ​in the “Medicine House”, a timber frame cottage on private and secluded 5 acres of gardens, forests and paths. Retreatants are immersed in a schedule of therapeutic services aimed at shifting metabolic and psychological underpinnings for their condition, enabling the retreatant to return to life fortified with a host of new insights for nurturing ​long-lasting​ well-being

Retreat is an apt name for these programs. They are designed to allow the participant​ to retreat or separate themselves from their normal patterns of feeling, thinking, and behaving. Our programs rest on the premise that ​unlearning old patterns is necessary for healing. When combined with expert functional medicine diagnostics and attention to physiological dysfunction, coming to a quiet and peaceful environment, immersed in healthful ​eating, therapeutic activity, and interpersonal connecting​, facilitates new ways of thinking and being and sparks healing.


We believe we all have inner wisdom that needs to be heard in order to heal and be well. For most people, routines and busyness interfere with the capacity to tune in to their inner wisdom. People often use substances, certain foods, or patterns of work that provide counterfeit comforts and prevent them from hearing what their body is trying to tell them. Most individuals have illness that is reflected in symptoms – symptoms that are your body’s way of expressing its distress but that are usually erroneously translated into a medical diagnosis rather than a clear understanding of what’s wrong or what’s needed. Most of us have been culturally conditioned to fear listening to what our body is trying to tell us. Our experience is that true health cannot be achieved until the body is listened to with kindness, curiosity, and understanding. Our immersion wellness retreats programs are designed to provide 5-12 days of a deeply therapeutic surround that will help you discover what is hidden from you but that you already know: access to your inner wisdom for healing and being alive.


Our programs are highly structured from the time you wake up, to what you eat, how you exercise, how your relax, how often you use your cell phone or check the internet, to what time (and how) you go to bed. Each period of each day is devoted to a specific activity, a session with a practitioner, an educational experience,  a trip to the gym, a walk outside, or a session in the pool or sauna. We have a large library of appropriate audio and video recordings that will help you understand the origins of addictions, obsessions, compulsions, and avoidant behaviors. You will be guided through your use of these based on the issues you are uncovering. These educational programs offer the most contemporary understanding of the long term effects of the stress reaction and how to let it go. We have a highly experienced and skilled team of practitioners that allow us to custom design each individual’s program to include when appropriate Qi Gong, Yoga therapy, massage, trauma resolution therapies including somatic experiencing, craniosacral therapy, nutrition therapy, and health coaching and stress resilience training using the polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges and Deb Dana.


The Plum Spring Clinic approach to healing respects the crucial importance of good nutrition in correcting physical roots of illness and creating a physiological milieu for healing in the body.  Our retreat clients are provided a whole food based diet designed by our functional medicine dietitian, Nate Kelly, typically in conjunction with nutritional consultation and food sensitivity testing. All groceries needed for the food plan are provided, organic as much as possible. Our chef prepares meals on site in the Medicine House kitchen, which provides generous opportunity for retreatants to learn new skills and methods for healthy cooking.


Here are the aspects of our deep immersion health retreat in North Carolina that make them uniquely powerful:

Careful medical supervision from the holistic and functional medicine perspective of understanding the roots of illness;
A complete change of venue, supporting the participant becoming a more accurate and compassionate observer of their habits of mind and body and learning to cultivate changes in support of well-being;
Activities designed to alter the resting state of the nervous system from one of sympathetic activation to one of rest and repair;
Activities that promote physical and emotional detoxification;
Collaboration with a team of highly skilled practitioners who understand the critical importance of kindness and connection  to the healing process;
Continuous monitoring of the participant’s reactions to the contents of the program, allowing real-time modifications to assure the highest level of response.

We are pleased to offer the opportunity to discuss with one of our practitioners how a deep immersion health retreat in North Carolina might be designed for you. You can call us now, 919 945-0300, or submit this contact form and we will be in touch with you within one business day.