Our Process

We work with people on a broad spectrum of chronic illnesses that are not effectively treated by high-tech, mainstream, insurance-based medicine. We do not aspire to replace mainstream medicine. In the case of catastrophic acute illness like heart failure or accidental serious injury for just two examples, advances in modern medicine are life preserving and necessary, as is the health insurance that makes it possible to pay for these services. However, by its nature, this medicine is disease-oriented and can’t focus on nurturing the roots of health. This is an entirely different process.

We focus on roots

When we proclaim the phrase ‘we focus on roots‘, we mean that we do our very best to discover the root causes of diseases today and provide solutions to bring others back to great health. Discovering roots of unwellness can be time-consuming because the roots are often multiple, including:

  • Exposures to toxicities in our water, air, and food that compromise the innate capacity of our systems to repair
  • The conditioning to eat badly that we are all subject to via modern media, marketing, and what’s available to us at our supermarkets and restaurants
  • Pressures of modern high-stress lifestyles and unresolved traumas
  • innate metabolic disorders that are partly determined by our genetics and partly by environmental factors
  • disturbances of sleep and patterns of exercise that disrupt or impair normal replace and repair mechanisms

These take their toll on each of us in individual ways. Identifying and reversing these in an individual’s unwellness takes time and care. That’s why our individualized programs are designed to extend over 3-12 months: so we will have the time together to change the course of your well-being by providing the expertise and support to steer you out of illness into vitality and health. And to make the journey with you.