Deep Immersion Health and Wellness Retreat

Chronic Fatigue


Individuals with chronic fatigue usually lead lives of desperation. They lack the energy to take care of themselves the way they would like and often hear voices in  their heads with negative ideas like, “I have poor motivation” or “I just don’t have the willpower” to change things. This leads to self esteem issues, social isolation, and more negative thinking.  Often there is outreach to professionals who might help but difficulty in establishing trust- especially if the professionals fail to express any understanding of the extreme frustrations that accompany such an experience when you may not appear unwell but completely lack the energy to change your life and are met with judgment and well intentioned but inappropriate advice from family, friends and even strangers. In our experience working with many individuals with chronic fatigue, we observe a kind of hopelessness that makes taking initiative particularly difficult.  “Where do I start? Which of all these things that might help, should I try first? How do I sort the bad advice from the recommendations that might help?” There are times for individuals like these where the best solution is to turn yourself over to a comprehensive, holistic, individually designed program put together by a team of experts.. The Plum Spring Clinic 12 day Deep Immersion Retreat – Chronic Fatigue is designed to identify and repair the functional breakdowns associated with chronic fatigue. The retreat venue is the Medicine House, located on 5 acres of forest, gardens and paths to explore during your stay. Patients will experience a peaceful remove from the hurley-burley of normal life, filled with gentle  therapeutic activities designed to discover and eliminate barriers to healing and establish new skills and routines to nurture wellness.

Our chronic fatigue treatment process begins with an initial telephone conversation with Dr. Sharp to discuss your medical history and your goals for your health.  Dr. Sharp will order a panel of preliminary functional medicine testing. Specimen will be gathered by the patient in their home and mailed directly to the labs.  This normally includes testing for stress and sex hormone imbalances, dysbiosis, toxic burden, nutritional deficiencies and metabolic impairments found in the majority of people with chronic fatigue. The lead time for testing is 6 weeks prior to the residential retreat. 

The design of the patient’s schedule of activities will be completed prior to arrival in collaboration with Dr. Sharp. Our certified dietitian, Nate Kelly, will recommend dietary modifications to begin approximately 5 days before the beginning of the retreat, in response to test results. 

The retreat includes a complete program of activities designed and scheduled based on the test results. including  

  • individualized diet, 
  • Participation and instruction on food preparation prepared by a renowned and knowledgeable personal chef
  • exercise program under the supervision of a trainer, 
  • Access to training center, pool and sauna
  • Stress resilience training, 
  • A trauma resolution technique called Somatic Experiencing – when appropriate
  • Private yoga therapy, 
  • Massage therapy
  • sleep hygiene program that is based on a sleep study completed on the first two nights of the retreat.

Our goal in this 5 to 12 day immersive experience is to shift the physiological underpinnings for fatigue toward wellness and establish a path to healing that the patient is empowered to follow in their return to normal life.  Patients can expect to leave the retreat with a working understanding of the underlying causes of their illness, a reduction in the intensity of their symptoms, and knowledge of the tools and activities that will allow them to manage their illness and continue on the healing path with a minimum of pharmaceutical support. The techniques used in this program have led to reduced anxiety and an increased energy and thus the ability to enjoy themselves and others – in a word to have fun –  to many of our clients and led to a life of increased freedom and happiness. 

A Deep Immersion Retreat allows us to provide both precise  structure and the simultaneous focus on the multiple factors related to disease process. It is our experience that this is a most powerful combination and results in profound restorative and healing effects on root causes. 

Please contact us today to discuss how we can proceed to change your life with our Chronic Fatigue Treatment.