Coaching for Deep Healing and Wholeness

We will believe in your healing for you until you can.


Lorre Fleming

Trauma Recovery Coach

I firmly believe that all beings possess an innate, organic, healing intelligence. I believe this because of my own journey of healing from complex trauma. Having experienced significant liberation from depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and debilitating pain, I am inspired to accompany others on the path of healing and psychospiritual growth. I approach this work with an optimistic, non-pathologizing view and an understanding that all forms of chronic suffering are invitations to know ourselves – the ways our experiences have shaped us, the brilliance of our survival and coping mechanisms, how these may no longer be serving us, and ultimately, the wisdom and compassion that is our essence, our True Self.

I am a lifelong learner, keenly interested in neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems, and various somatic healing disciplines. I am certified as both an addiction recovery and psychedelic integration coach and as a trauma-sensitive mindfulness practitioner. All of these inform the way I approach my ongoing personal healing work and my work with clients, as does my deep appreciation and reverence for the healing power of a safe, nurturing connection.

Kathleen Williams

Stress Resilience Coach

My integrative health coach training through Duke Integrative Medicine equipped me with a process for helping clients identify goals for their health and walk a holistic path to reaching them. In our work with patients with chronic illness, we have become convinced of the role of chronic stress load in the development of illness. I have focused my work on reducing that load of chronic stress reactivity and building resilience to life’s perpetual stressors.

I have practiced meditation almost every day through years filled with stressful challenges. An extensive body of research supports the benefits of meditation for reducing stress. But it wasn’t until I began to learn the physiology of stress through my work that I understood the fundamental role of the nervous system’s detection of unsafety in the stress reaction. In other words, the stress reaction is a neurobiological event in the body. That understanding opens the door to a new approach to nurturing resilience based on practical and practice-able techniques for using conscious mind to help the autonomic nervous system detect safety. When this process is working properly, the ‘happy’ neurochemicals are released, allowing the body to return to its mode for healing and thriving. And with frequent practice, we rewire this thrive setting into a new default.

Our Coaching Program

Our coaching program is rooted in the knowledge that each client has at their core the innate intelligence for connecting and healing, sadly covered over by painful experience. Our job as coaches is to facilitate our clients’ access to the wisdom within by teaching the skills of self-befriending and encouraging the integration of these skills into daily life and orientation. Our coaches collaborate closely with our medical director, Dr. Sharp, and our functional medicine nutritionist, Susan Wyler, to weave coaching work into the envelope of holistic care practiced at Plum Spring Clinic.

Our coaching is offered in two formats ~~ in one-on-one sessions and in small weekly groups, both via Zoom. We encourage a commitment of 8-10 weeks to start, as healing is a process that takes time and focus. Both formats provide our clients caring and skillful connectedness aimed at opening their safety and attachment circuits to restore the calm setting of their nervous systems. As this calm setting is reestablished, body and mind are relieved of the burdens contributing to illness, enabling healing and authentic wholeness to emerge and be lived.

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