As the practice nutritionist, Nate is the primary support person for your weight loss program.  His core beliefs are:

  • Let your lifestyle be your diet
  • The foundation for achieving weight loss goals is behavior and lifestyle change

Think of the life you want to live, what is truly important to you, how you want to feel, how you want to look, and what you want to accomplish. Now think of how you need to behave to acquire this life. This is the diet Nate will help you discover and commit to.

It is not as simple as it appears on paper though. Our environment constantly pulls us to consume a standard American diet, a diet that is responsible for epidemic rates of chronic disease and obesity. To achieve wellness and weight balance in such an environment is exceptional, and requires an exceptional diet. This can be extremely difficult to do on your own and most people need help to chart a path, clear obstacles, and begin to walk down the path that leads to the life and body they desire.  

Nate offers a menu of integrative weight loss options custom tailored to your individual needs. When these options are combined with:

  • The power of integrative weight loss medicine
  • Hormone and neurotransmitter balancing
  • Vitamin/mineral optimization
  • The support of an integrative health coach

The effect is powerful. This combination, which is unique to the Plum Spring Clinic, can make reaching your weight loss goals, achieving an exceptional diet and lifestyle to keep you at your goal weight, seem easy. Contact us today to get started.



Integrative Weight Loss