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Plum Spring Clinic offers 5 to 14 day residential holistic wellness programs with accommodations in our “Medicine House” for anyone living in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} and a variety of activities to make you healthier. We know that these are the very factors that contribute to longer and healthier lives with less pain and disability. If you have chronic symptoms in any domain of your mind or body – this is the system that will change your life. Dollars spent on programs like these save money several fold the investment on out-of-pocket medical expenses. Over several years both individuals with chronic health conditions and those who are healthy and wanting to age well will reduce their medical expenses introducing these practices into their routines.

You may choose these options in any combination. You will be given an option at the bottom of this page to a link to the form that will let us know how you would like us to help you restore or bolster your core health.

Pre-visit Medical Testing

An interview with Dr. Sharp will lead to recommendations about tests that can be done in your home in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} or drawn locally. We recommend the interview happen 6 weeks prior to your stay. Most tests will not be covered by insurance but some may. Results of the tests will lead to recommendations about supplements to be taken during your stay and the diet you eat while with us.

Nutrition Options

  • You will meet with our dietitian to review your diet and discuss future food choices based on your health conditions and individual preferences.
  • You shop and bring your own food and prepare it. There are local restaurants that offer healthy options. There are also good local restaurants in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}.
  • Based on your medical history our registered dietitian-nutritionist, Nate Kelly will design your meals for the duration of the stay. For individuals that have had pre-visit medical testing performed that included food allergy and sensitivity testing, the menu will reflect our recommendations for what foods to eat and which to avoid. The menu can be offered in one of two ways.
    • We shop and have the food delivered. You will be given recipes for each of your meals and you prepare the meal.
    • Our “Food Fairy” will take Nate’s recommendations and prepare all of your meals. They will be ready on your arrival and all you need to do is warm the meals that call for that preparation.


  • On your own. There are opportunities on the Medicine House 5 acres for daily or twice daily walks and these 5 acres are sited on a small private development that has a 1 mile walking loop. Opportunities for longer runs are also available in the neighborhood in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}.
  • There is a Gym with pool and sauna within 2 miles of the Medicine House. You will be given access to the Gym, pool and sauna during your stay and will be responsible for your own work-outs. You will design your times at the gym with your Plum Spring Clinic health coach and integrate your fitness schedule into your other health goals and activities during your stay with us.
  • You will have the opportunity to work with a trainer at this gym and you can select the number of supervised and unsupervised sessions during your stay.


During your intake interview and program planning session you will have the opportunity to have:

  • A sleep study – done in the Medicine House and reviewed the following day leading to specific recommendations to improve your sleep and possibly including supplements or sleep aids indicated by the testing. Repeat studies are available to determine response to the recommendations
  • Sleep hygiene review and planning with specific behavior change goals tracked and monitored by your health coach.

Stress Resilience

  • You will be given a stress resilience curriculum and discussion with our Stress Resilience Coach, Kathleen Williams. Together you will make commitments to a variety of activities based on this interview and you will set goals, track them and meet with your coach every few days to monitor and adjust the goals.
  • Massage Sessions with our therapist of choice
  • Yoga sessions with our therapist of choice

Toxin Avoidance and Detoxification

  • You will be given a toxin exposure inventory and review and meet with our dietitian who will discuss how to minimize your exposures and increase your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. You will have access to the nearby Gym’s sauna and given instructions of therapeutic use of the sauna.

Trauma Therapy – Somatic Experiencing

  • For individuals with a history of trauma you will work with Dr. Sharp using this technique. For a 5 day Holistic Wellness Retreat in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended. Prior to your visit, you will be given material to review that describes the technique to prepare you for the sessions. At the completion of your residency you will discuss with Dr. Sharp his recommendations for continuing this healing.

Medical Interview and long term holistic health planning

  • You will meet with Dr. Sharp for a 90 minute interview and he will make recommendations to alter your long term health outlook. You will be given a loose leaf notebook with a review of the determinants of long term health and well being that includes specific recommendations for longevity without disability.


When you have submitted your program plan requests we will be in contact with you to tell you the cost of your program and schedule your stay. To Your Health!

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