Bio-identical Hormone Replacement – The Functional Medicine Approach:

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement is a great alternative to synthetic hormone therapy. There is a growing belief that one of the ways we have most profoundly affected our environment and possibly “spoiled our nest” is through the widespread use of artificial chemicals. These chemicals act as endocrine disrupters. More simply, they are molecules that act like hormones but actually impair our own body’s ability to recognize, respond to, and metabolize our own natural hormones. This phenomenon seems to have especially influenced the normal functions of estrogens, progesterones, and androgens (of which the most important is testosterone). In addition, hormone-adding practices in food continue to be a growing concern for consumers and health experts.

Most prescribed hormone replacement therapies also use synthetic hormones or non-human hormones. This may explain why so many women have an adverse reaction to such prescriptions. Why would you try to solve a problem with a solution that isn’t natural? To address this issue, our testing and individualized therapies use hormones identical to those made by the human body. This is called Bio-identical Hormone Replacement. Using this type of therapy helps many men and women relieve bothersome symptoms that can have powerful adverse effects on quality of life.

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