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Cancer Recovery Support Therapies

What went wrong? We have yet to meet a conventional physician treating cancer and providing therapy fr cancer patients to asks the question, what went wrong?” Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is a scary and stressful event and comprehensive treatment requires more than just radiation, surgery or chemotherapy. These types of treatments use toxic or invasive methods to destroy cancer cells but what about taking a close look at the factors that contributed to the development of cancer and seeing what can be done to reverse those risks? It is also crucial to explore how best to support the healthy cells within your body and to address the anxiety, stress, and trauma that can stem from both cancer itself and from these toxic treatments. 

To maximize the chance of overcoming cancer and regaining full health, you must not only seek therapies that target cancer cells directly but ensure you are doing everything you can to support the healthy functioning of your entire body, particularly your immune system. In the end, even if toxic or invasive treatment strategies were necessary, your body will have to win the last few battles against cancer on its own and succeed in detecting and killing new cancer cells in the future. This is a major challenge given that the immune systems of cancer patients have already failed in this regard once and the treatment itself may further damage both the immune system and increase the risk of healthy cells becoming malignant. Your cancer may have just been a bad roll of the dice but cancer is a seed that grows best in particular types of soil. Often there are many factors within your control that can be modified that will help you survive without complications and prevent the development of another cancer.

Plum Spring Clinic is uniquely qualified to provide support to cancer patients no matter where they are in their journey. Our combination of functional medicine, nutrition therapy, stress resilience coaching, trauma therapy, and other holistic treatment modalities provides a powerful ally in beating cancer and recovering after successful treatment.


The following key areas are of particular importance in therapy for cancer patients through treatment:

Nutrition – Therapy for cancer patients can be improved through proper nutrition and nutrition plays a key role in cancer prevention and in the prevention of relapse. Many cancer patients have unique and challenging nutrition requirements due to impairment of the digestive system by cancer itself or cancer treatments. Nutrient requirements can also be altered by metabolic changes induced by cancer or cancer treatments. An experienced and certified dietitian/nutritionist such as our Nate Kelly RD-N can help navigate these complex requirements and ensure that you are eating a diet that maximizes your chances for success. In our experience, most conventional cancer doctors vastly underestimate the role of proper nutrition in cancer treatment outcomes and in preventing complications from the treatment itself.

Stress – Very few events in life are as stressful as a cancer diagnosis.  Chronic stress reactivity is a powerful suppressant of our immune system and immune suppression is a killer when it comes to most cancer treatments. In fact, many patients are unable to complete the recommended treatment regimens due to weakened immune systems. Our health coach, Kathleen Williams, specializes in teaching and incorporating methods to increase stress resilience. This will not only prevent immune suppression but improve the comfort and quality of life during a very challenging period.

Trauma – Trauma in its broadest sense is the physical and emotional state of being trapped and overpowered.  In this sense, both the diagnosis of cancer and the treatment process can be extremely traumatizing. This can lead to a host of detrimental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, poor appetite, and hopelessness that negatively affect cancer treatment outcomes. Our medical director, Dr. Micheal Sharp, is an experienced practitioner of somatic experiencing, a treatment that can overcome the deep roots of trauma which lie within the deeper layers of our brain and often express themselves through worry and anxiety.

Functional Medicine – Functional medicine testing and treatments can uncover and correct impairments in biochemical pathways essential to the proper function of our immune and other body systems. These impairments can both reduce the effectiveness of standard cancer treatment therapies and contribute to the development and reoccurrence of cancer.

Toxin Avoidance – Environmental toxins are commonly found to have carcinogenic effects. These same toxins can also interfere with cancer treatment and increase the chance of reoccurrence. Our comprehensive 5-pillar curriculum will help educate you about the potential sources of these toxins and our experienced clinicians can guide on methods to remove them from your environment.


Summary – Some cancer patients have exhausted all potential treatment options available through traditional cancer treatment centers. Our clinicians can help these individuals review and select alternative treatments that may provide life extension and perhaps even a pathway to recovery. The landscape of alternative cancer treatment and therapy for cancer patients is a minefield of misrepresentations, snake oil, and false hopes. Our clinicians can help you select the options that give you the best chance for success.