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In It Together

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She was soooo pretty.  Blue eyes.  Curly blond hair.  She looked RIGHT at me.  I almost had to look away it was so direct. I can still remember like it was yesterday. I should have known she’d break my heart.  It was 37 years ago this month.  Jennifer.

She was my first patient – at least that I could talk to.  My first month of internship was spent in the intensive care nursery taking care of mostly premature babies.  My second rotation was up on the toddler’s floor.  She had […]

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Mood Health

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In my practice the most common patient concerns are fatigue, trouble with sleep, and anxiety.  It is actually rare for a patient to complain about depression, but many of these patients are offered anti-depressants by their physicians.  They often ask me if there are alternatives to these and other medications.  Fortunately there are approaches designed to restore the balance of brain chemistry with targeted nutritional supplementation which has sound scientific evidence to support both its effectiveness and safety.

One way to understand how this works is to imagine the […]

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