The Holistic Approach To Cardiovascular Disease

According to the CDC, a person dies every 36 seconds from cardiovascular disease. Before you start popping pills, you may want to consider a Holistic Approach to Cardiovascular Disease. Medications aren’t very helpful if they are not complemented by a good diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Stress is a known contributor to heart disease. A holistic wellness program addresses a person as an individual. We custom-tailor our treatment to patients as individuals. This method ensures the treatment is suited to a patient’s specific needs, going after the root of the problem.

You are what you eat! In no area could this be truer than the relationship between our diets and cardiovascular disease. The great myth, however, is that the risk is associated with our cholesterol intake. The truth is, the real risk has to do with diets that have excessive calories, poor quality fats rather than too much fat, unhealthy carbohydrates, and inadequate fiber. Our team will help you find a program that addresses all of these problems. Handing out pills is a lazy approach to medicine that often doesn’t address the root of the problem. Because of this, it usually only masks the symptoms and often causes unwanted side effects. Our view is different, we believe in a holistic approach to cardiovascular disease, attacking the problem at its source.

Our Holistic Programs

More than prescribing medicine, we augment programs for our patients with cardiovascular disease by expanding the lens beyond diet to include attention to key variables of stress, exercise, and exposure to toxins. By addressing these issues, patients not only improve their heart condition but build a healthier lifestyle in general! Don’t let cardiovascular disease control your life when you can take control. You can prevent and treat heart disease naturally. We are often able to help our patients get off their medications for cholesterol and blood pressure through our holistic approach to cardiovascular disease. Stop living in fear. Do more than mask your symptoms, prolonging the inevitable. Let us help with this disease and take the next step to fight back against heart disease.