Holistic Allergy Treatment Drops

Most people are familiar with the technique of addressing seasonal allergies with desensitization shots. What many may not know is that the same desensitization approach can be applied by using a more convenient, less painful approach of sub-lingual or under-the-tongue drops – often referred to as SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy). The desensitization approach can also be used for other situations besides seasonal allergies including:

  • Asthma
  • Infants and children – especially those with skin conditions
  • People with food and mold sensitivities
  • Some individuals with digestive disorders that are not clearly allergic
  • Children with recurrent ear infections
  • Individuals with recurrent sinus infections

The science for this approach is sound, and there are more than 60 years of experience using it. In many parts of the world, sublingual allergy drops are the preferred method of desensitization. A Cochrane Review, the most trusted independent, evidence-based, meta-analysis organization in the world, released its analysis in 2003 that determined the treatment both safe and effective. We follow a protocol called the LaCrosse Method http://www.allergychoices.com and we encourage you to follow the link to learn more about this approach.

Holistic Allergy Treatment is a great way to deal with allergies. The holistic approach addresses the entire body and is customized to individuals. Allergies are different in every individual, so it makes sense to treat them with an individualized approach. These allergy drops can be customized to address your specific allergies and dosage requirements. Plum Spring Clinic’s Dr. Sharp has been praised by his patients for his compassion and personal approach to practicing medicine. Dr. Sharp graduated from Harvard Medical school and was a faculty member at the UNC School of Medicine for 25 years. With his knowledge, expertise, and experience, you can be confident that you will get the best treatment for the issues you are facing.